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What if I no longer want to enjoy Free YouTube and Tonton?
Send “Stop YTM” to 28118 to stop the service. For prepaid customers, on the next purchase of any UMI/MB plan, you will be entitled to this service again. For postpaid customers, you will no longer be entitled to this service until the end of the promotion period.

Note: Due to the white list of Google Catch Services, some of the other Google Services, i.e. Google Maps, Play Store, Google Analytics, etc, may also fall under the Free YouTube services during the 2am – 10am period.
Am I entitled for Free Music Streaming?

For prepaid users, just purchase or auto renew your UMI or MB plan to be entitled for the Free Music Streaming Promotion from 11th Nov 2014 onwards

As for postpaid users, all new and existing customer will be entitled for Free Music Streaming Promotion from 11th Nov 2014 onwards

Do I need to pay for Free Music Streaming?

No payment is required

When is the Free Music Streaming promotion period?

Promotion period starts from 11th Nov onwards

When is the Free Video Streaming promotion period?
The promotion period is from 8th October onwards.
How can I continue to enjoy free music streaming after the promotion period ends?

You can continue to enjoy this service with an additional RM3 payment per month on top of any of the monthly data plan subscription.

Is there a quota for Free Music Streaming?

There is no quota. But for the connection speed while streaming Kkbox, MY fm, Era & will be limited to 512kbps (DL) and 256kbps (UL) all day.

Which data will be utilised first if I have booster and Free Music Streaming?

Free Music Streaming will be utilised first when customer is using Kkbox, MY fm, Era & Your booster quota will not be affected.

What will happen if I stream music besides Kkbox, MY fm, Era &

Your data usage will be taken from your UMI, MB or postpaid plans.

What is Free Music Streaming Promotion?

Prepaid (with data packages) & Postpaid customer will enjoy Free Data for music streaming on Kkbox, MY fm, Era & all day without effecting the quota of data plan.