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What is Game-Onz?
Game-Onz is a prepaid package that gives you:
  • Unlimited gaming data 
  • High-speed data
  • Free unlimited* data for music streaming (*Limited time offer)
How do I purchase Game-Onz?
There are three (3) ways to purchase Game-Onz:
  1. Via MyUMobile App (available from App Store and Google Play)
  2. Via UMB: Dial *118*3*5# and choose your desired package
  3. Via SMS: Send GOXX to 28118 ( "GO18" for Game-Onz 18, "GO50" for Game-Onz 50 and "GO 70" for Game-Onz 70 to 28118)
How do I use Game-Onz?
To use Game-Onz, simply enable Mobile hotspot on your mobile phone and tether your laptop or PC, then launch one of the supported games and start playing.
What games are supported by Game-Onz?
Click here for a list of games supported by Game-Onz. Please note that we are constantly adding new partners and the list may change from time-to-time.
If I subscribed to Game-Onz 50, what happens after I fully consume my gaming data?
Any subsequent gaming will consume data from your High-speed data quota
What happens if my high-speed data quota runs out?
You will receive an SMS notification when you hit 80% and 100% usage. Your connection speed will be managed once you hit your plan’s quota. Please purchase data boosters or a new Game-Onz package to continue to enjoy high-speed data.
What happens if I play games that are not supported by Game-Onz?
Your data usage will be consumed from your high-speed data quota.
What are the call and SMS rates for Game-Onz?
The call and SMS rates for Game-Onz will follow the base plan, i.e. Power Prepaid plan, New U Prepaid plan or U Prepaid plan.
If currently I have UMI 20 and buy Game-Onz 18, which data package will I be using?
Your UMI 20 will be replaced by Game-Onz 18. All data usage will come from Game-Onz 18.
I purchased UMI 30 and a data booster on 8 December. I then purchased Game-Onz 18 on 9 December. Which data package will be consumed first?
Your UMI 30 will be replaced by Game-Onz 18. However, your data booster will not be forfeited and will expire based on the booster’s subscription date. If you are playing games, your gaming data will be consumed first while other data usage will be consumed from the booster, followed by Game-Onz’s high-speed data.