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What is Google Play™?
Google Play™ is where you get your Android apps, Google movies and more.
What is Carrier Billing in Google Play™?
Carrier Billing allows you to charge your Google Play™ purchases to your U Mobile postpaid bill or by deducting your prepaid airtime credit.
Who can use Carrier Billing in Google Play™?
It is available for all U Mobile postpaid and prepaid customers.
What do I need to start using Carrier Billing in Google Play™?
You will only need an active U Mobile postpaid or prepaid account, and a valid Gmail account.
How do I get more information regarding purchases on Google Play™?
How do I start paying with Carrier Billing in Google Play™?
Just select an item that you want to buy in Google Play™, choose U Mobile billing as your payment method, confirm your purchase and you’re done!
Payment method for subsequent purchases will follow the last payment method.
Can I still pay with Carrier Billing if I have previously used credit card for payment?
Yes. Just add a new payment method by clicking the Menu button at the top left corner of Google Play™ and select ‘Account’.
Is there a limit to the total amount that I can purchase in Google Play™?
Yes, postpaid customers are able to purchase up to RM400 a month. However, we will review this regularly.
Prepaid customers are limited to the amount of credit you have in your account.
Is my purchase subject to GST?
Yes, all purchases are subject to GST. Please note that pricing in Google Play™ is excluding GST.
Can I pay with U Mobile on Google Play™ when I am roaming?
You may only if this is not your first purchase paid with U Mobile. Please note that roaming charges apply.