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What is the new mechanism of GST Implementation for Prepaid Telecommunication Services beginning 1st January 2016?
As announced during the 2016 Malaysia Budget, the new mechanism for GST Implementation for Prepaid Telecommunications Services will be based on the 10:10 model which means the user will pay RM 10 during the point of sale and he or she will get RM 10 worth of credit. This new GST implementation mechanism is only applicable to Malaysian Citizens.

At the point of purchase, all users will be charged the 6% GST for mobile prepaid telecommunication services, based on the new GST implementation mechanism:
  • Malaysian Citizens will receive the 6% GST rebate, the rebate equivalent to the amount of GST paid within 24 hours. i.e. User pays RM 10 for RM 10 worth of credit
  • Non Malaysian Citizens are not entitled to the 6% GST rebate, the rebate equivalent of the amount of GST paid. i.e. User pays RM 10 for RM 9.43 worth of credit
With the new GST implementation mechanism, does it means GST will not be charged to mobile prepaid users?
The 6% GST will still be charged to the customer once the customer pays for prepaid reload services. However, for Malaysian Citizens, the 6% GST charged will be reimbursed to the consumer’s prepaid account as a GST rebate within 24 hours from point of purchase.

For Malaysian Citizens:

For Non-Malaysian Citizens:

6% GST rebate will not be applicable to Non-Malaysian Citizens for Pre-paid service ie. For RM10 reload, user will get RM 9.43 worth of airtime.
Who is entitled to the GST rebate for Mobile Prepaid Telecommunication Services?
Only Malaysian Citizens who register using a Malaysian Citizen MyKad or Malaysian Army or Malaysian Police identity card with U Mobile will be able to enjoy the GST rebate from 1st January 2016 to 31st December 2016
When is the date of the new mechanism to be effective?
The new mechanism will be effective from 1st January 2016 until 31st December 2016.
Do I have to register to get the GST rebate for my prepaid reload?
U Mobile Customers who are Malaysian Citizens do not need to re-register with us to get the GST rebate because the 6% GST rebate will be automatically credited into the relevant customer account based on registration data provided for the purchase of new prepaid numbers.

To ensure that you are entitled to the GST rebate, you are advised to verify your registration details for the prepaid number(s) you own at the moment with U Mobile prior to 1st January 2016 to ensure you enjoy the rebate.

It is also important for the new consumers to use valid Malaysian Citizen MyKad or Malaysian Army and Malaysia Police identity card during their prepaid registration.
When I register a new prepaid SIM pack, will I be charged for GST and how much will it be?
Purchase of prepaid SIM card is already inclusive of 6% GST, you will not be further charged GST when you register a new prepaid number, as there is no registration fee.
How much will a prepaid SIM pack cost, now that I am charged for GST?
The price of a SIM pack will cost RM8.50 from 1st January and it will be inclusive of the 6% GST.
What are the Mobile prepaid products and services that are subjected to GST?
All telecommunication charges are subjected to GST, except for roaming charges which are non-taxable.
Why am I being charged GST on a top-up that I have not yet used?
GST is charged upon top-up instead of usage to ensure you would not pay more than the 6% as stipulated by the Malaysian government due to the rounding of decimals. For example, an SMS currently costs RM0.08, if GST is applied upon usage due to the two decimal rounding, each SMS will becomeRM0.09. Therefore, U Mobile is advised to charge GST upon top-up activation.
Are all top-ups subjected to GST? If no, which top-ups are excluded from GST?
Yes, all physical or e-reload top-ups are subjected to 6% GST.