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What is booKu?
booKu is a collaboration with four Selected Partners to enable U Mobile customer to pay for digital reading materials with their U Mobile account.
Who are the Selected Partners?
The Selected Partners are listed per below. To know more about the Partners, you may visit their website:

  1. SPH Magazines:
  2. Pubu:
  3. FullAMark:
  4. Novelplus:
Why do I need to turn off my wifi connection when I want to redeem or sign up any of the services for the Selected Partners?
It is advisable to do this so that we may identify you as a U Mobile customer immediately.
What are the devices supported for the services?
Below are the devices supported to access the services:

Service Mobile Phone Tablet PC
SPH Magazines x
Pubu x
How do I get my refund if I am unhappy with the services?
All services are being verified by a genuine user prior to purchase. Hence there will be no refund to any purchases done.
SPH Magazines: Where do I read my magazines?
You can read them inside the SPH Magazines mobile app with your phone or tablet. However, you must first login with the name and password given via the email by Magzter.
SPH Magazines: I’m stuck using the app. Can I contact someone?
Yes sure! Please email to for help
Pubu: Do I need to subscribe to this service to enjoy my free trial?
Yes, you will need to subscribe to this service to enjoy the free trial.
Pubu: Will I be charged after free trial ends?
Yes, you will be charged RM10 per month after free trial ends.
Pubu: Is charging done automatically every month?
Yes, however you will receive a SMS reminder 2 days before renewal.