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Who is eligible for this promotion?
Existing UBUSIM MB40, MB68, MB88 and MB128 customers and customers who register from now until 30 June 2016 are eligible for this promotion.
If I register before or on 30 June 2016, will I still continue to enjoy additional 2GB internet after 31 December 2015?
I am a UBUSIM MB128 customer with 20GB all-day quota. Will I be eligible to enjoy this additional 2GB internet?
No, existing UBUSIM MB128 customers with 20GB all-day quota will not enjoy this additional 2GB internet. Only UBUSIM MB128 customers with 10GB all-day quota and 20GB off-peak quota will enjoy this additional 2GB internet.
I am an existing UBUSIM MB68 customer. When will I be able to start enjoying this additional 2GB internet?
You will be able to enjoy this additional 2GB internet starting 29 June 2015. The additional 2GB internet quota will be granted automatically. You do not need to opt in to enjoy it.
Which quota will be utilized if I browse from 9am to 10am on my MB88 plan?
The all-day usage quota bracket of 9GB will be utilized during this period.
If I sign up for MB Day & MB15, plans, do I get to enjoy the off-peak quota?
The additional off-peak quota is currently not available to the above plans.
What are Super Broadband Plans?
Super Broadband Plans are postpaid broadband plans that come with FREE quota for off-peak usage (2am to 8am).

  Super Broadband
Super Broadband
Super Broadband
Monthly Fees RM68 RM88 RM128
All-day usage quota 7GB 9GB 12GB
FREE off-peak usage quota 5GB 14GB 20GB
Total quota 12GB 23GB 32GB
What happens if my modem is faulty? Is there any warranty for the modem?
Your modem comes with one-year warranty. Please visit the nearest ZTE Service Centre or Huawei Service Centre for replacement (Please check the manufacturer of your device). You may refer to your warranty card for the list of ZTE or Huawei Service Centres.
If I terminate my broadband plan within the first 10 months of activation, will I still receive the remaining RM10 rebate?
You will not receive the remaining RM10 rebate after the months of termination, e.g. if you register your broadband plan in January and terminate your line in March, you will receive RM10/month rebate for January and February only (RM20). However, you will not be eligible for RM10 rebate for March.
What does the modem package come with?
Your modem package comes with – main set, data cable, quick start information, warranty card and battery (MiFi modem only).