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What are the ‘pay-as-you-use’ (PAYU) charges like?
If you have not purchased any U Mobile plans with a mobile Internet package, you will be charged the following PAYU rate:

Voice Call Rates 10 sen / 30 sec
SMS rates To U Mobile Numbers To Other Networks
3 sen / SMS 8 sen / SMS
Mobile Internet rates 20 sen/MB
What do I need to do?

Show us your passport for a free U Mobile Traveller SIM Pack. A minimum top-up of RM20 is required and you can purchase any of our available plans. 

Is the Traveller SIM Pack a prepaid service?

Yes, the Traveller SIM Pack is a prepaid service.

Where can I obtain this Traveller SIM Pack?

You can only obtain this Traveller SIM Pack from our U Mobile outlet at KLIA2.

Who is eligible for this promo?

Inbound foreign tourist/travellers to Malaysia with a valid passport. Not applicable for Malaysians.