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If I am an existing subscriber on BB weekly plan which my service only expired on 10th of July, will I still enjoy the FREE data?

For existing subscribers, free data promotion will make available upon successful renewal BB plan.

What if FREE Data allocated used up and I have successfully renew BB plan?

Upon successful renewal of your BB plan, you will continue to enjoy free data.

Is there any additional charge if I have exceeded FREE Data allocated?

No additional charge. Speed will be throttle to existing FUP requirement.

Is there any cap on FREE Data given?

Day plan will be given cap 10MB, Week plan will be given 70MB and Monthly plan will be given 300MB and 2 Month will be given 600MB.

Note: FREE data is only meant for Non-BlackBerry Service.

This promotion is eligible to whom?

The promotion is available for both new subscriber who subscribe to BlackBerry service and existing subscriber which continue to renew BlackBerry service plan.

The Unlimited Data can be used for?

The Free Unlimited Data can be use for youtube service and streaming.

What is the BlackBerry® Unlimited Data about?

BlackBerry® Unlimited Data is subscriber whom subscribe to BlackBerry® Day / Week / Month / 2Month service plan; will be given an unlimited FREE Data.

What is the latest Hero Postpaid Plan?
Hero Postpaid P98 is the latest addition which offers:
  • 30GB data
  • Unlimited calls to all-networks
  • Unlimited Video-Onz streaming
  • Free monthly video subscription promotion.
For more information on Video-Onz, please visit
Am I allowed to change my free video subscription?
Yes. For example, video subscription A is a 30 days subscription. If a subscriber activates it on 15th July 2016, the video Subscription renewal will be on 14th August 2016. Therefore, the subscriber is allowed to change to a different free video Subscription by 14th August 2016.
Is the usage of add-on packages shareable between principal and member lines for the new Unlimited Postpaid Plans?