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How about the Video-Onz data quota?
The Video-Onz data quota remains unchanged.
What can I do to continue using data after being barred?
Just perform a top up and subs will be able to enjoy data again.
Is 4G LTE high speed internet available for all UMI plans?
All UMI (UMI 20, UMI 25, UMI 30, UMI 48, UMI38, UMI 50) is eligible for 4g LTE accept for UMI 18 and UMI28 which will connect to the internet at 3G.
What happens to my current UMI 18/28/48?
The current plans are still active until exhaustion. Afterwards, you can only purchase UMI 20/30/38/50. Those, who auto-renew their UMI 18/28/48 plan will stick to the same plan until further notice.
What will happen to my unused balance if the auto renewal fails but managed to renew the subscription on its second attempt?

Upon your first auto renewal fail, Internet will be charged at Pay-As-You-Use rate while Voice and SMS will still be deducted from UMI package. If the system manages to renew your subscription on its second attempt, your unused balance will roll-over to the new bundle. The maximum capping on allowable balance will still apply. Please do note that rollover of data/ internet is not possible as it is unlimited in its terms.

Will UMI auto-renewal happens during passive?
Your UMI data subscription will continue auto-renew during passive.
What will happen if the renewal retry fails on its second attempt (to renew the services)?

Your subscription service will automatically unsubscribe & any unused balance will be forfeited.

Is there a way that I can check how much data I have consumed?

Yes. You can dial *118*3*1*3# or send <Usage> to 28118 (each SMS will be charged 5 sen) to check on the data which you have consumed.

What are the new benefits of UMI 20, UMI 30, and UMI 50?
The new benefit include that you have more Internet quota with every new UMI plan (500 MB for UMI 20, 1.5 GB for UMI 30, and 3GB for UMI 50), the BEST call rates (5 sen*/30 sec ALL NET) and FREE Voice Minutes (20 mins for UMI 20, 30 mins for UMI 30, and 50 mins for UMI 50).
*Call rates applicable to New U Prepaid & U Prepaid plans only.
Why didn't my activation go through?

Please ensure a minimum credit balance of RM20 Credit for UMI 20, RM30 Credit for UMI 30, RM38 Credit for UMI 38 and RM50 Credit for UMI 50 in order to successfully subscribe for Unlimited Mobile Internet.