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Will I receive an SMS reminder before my subscription is due for the monthly renew?

Yes. You will receive SMS notifications 2 days and 1 day before your auto-renewal is due, and another SMS when your subscription is renewed.

I have some freebies (Voice, SMS & Data) in my prepaid account. Which bucket will be utilized first?

Unlimited Mobile Internet will take precedence, followed by other freebies.

May I use this internet service while roaming domestically?

Yes, you can.

Is there a limit on how many times I can activate this plan?

No. there is no limit on the number of times you can activate.

Why doesn't my mobile internet service work while Domestically Roaming / non-3G zone?
Please ensure Mobile Data is enabled in your phone settings.
What happens to my unused voice minutes and SMS when the subscription of the same data plan automatically renews?

Your unused balance will be rolled over to your new bundle along with a new validity date, however the bundle has a max cap of:

UMI 20 - 40 mins
UMI 30 - 60 mins
UMI 38 - 300 mins & 60 SMS
UMI 50 - 100 mins

Any excess of minutes and SMS will be forfeited.

Will I be notified of my successful or failed monthly auto-renewal?

Yes. You will receive an SMS notification on your subscription status.

What happens if I exceed my free SMS (only UMI 38)? Am I still able to send messages?
Your SMS will be charged at respective standard tariff subject to the U Mobile prepaid plans.
What will happen if I exceeded my data allowance within the validity period, are there any charges for additional usage?

There will not be any additional charges. Fair Usage Policy applies - Your speed will be throttled upon exceeding your high speed quota.

What happens if it fails to auto-renew?

The subscription fails to automatically renew in the event of insufficient balance / prepaid validity. The system will only attempt to renew the subscription again on the following day.