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Video-Onz is a service that lets you stream video from most popular video services without using your rate plan data. You can also upload video to Facebook Live and Twitter without using your rate plan data.

The list of partners that you can stream using Video-Onz are

  • YouTube
  • Netflix
  • Facebook Live*
  • Twitter**
  • Dailymotion
  • Youku Tudou
  • HyppTV Everywhere
  • iflix
  • Viu
  • tonton
  • Astro-on-the-Go
  • NJOI Now
  • dimsum
  • MOX
  • ErosNow
  • HeroTalkies
  • YuppTV
  • Crunchyroll
  • Viki
  • BFM
  • The Edge TV
  • Pocketimes
  • OnFM
  • Starlive
* Applicable for Facebook Live and videos hosted on Facebook (for both uploading and streaming)
** Applicable for videos hosted on Twitter (for both uploading and streaming)

Video-Onz service is offered for free to eligible Postpaid and Prepaid customers. The free data for video streaming promo is offered until 31 December 2017.

With Video-Onz, the videos you stream are optimized at standard definition video resolution. Our Video-Onz partners will adjust the video resolution for optimum video streaming experience on your mobile device.

Customers will be given a separate data allocation for all Video-Onz streaming. All video streaming from our partners will be deducted from this Video-Onz data. Different rate plan will get different allocation of Video-Onz data.

Eligible Postpaid (voice/ broadband) customers get Video-Onz automatically in their plans. Prepaid customers get Video-Onz with purchase of UMI/MB data packages.

Video-Onz Eligible Rate Plans

Prepaid Postpaid Broadband
Plans Extra data for Video-Onz Plans Extra data for Video-Onz Plans Extra data for Video-Onz
UMI 20 500MB U28 3GB Prepaid
UMI 25 1GB P48 5GB MB 40 2GB
UMI 30 2.5GB P70 7GB MB 68 5GB
UMI 38 2GB P78 Unlimited    
UMI 50 4GB P99 Unlimited Postpaid
i40 1.5GB i40 1.5GB MB 68 7GB
i60 5GB i60 5GB MB 88 9GB
i90 7GB i90 7GB MB 128 Unlimited
i130 Unlimited i130 Unlimited    
    Ultimate Device 60 3GB    
    Ultimate Device 90 5GB    
    Ultimate Device 130 Unlimited    
    U Premium 7GB    
    U Platinum Unlimited    
Not available for member line and supplementary line

You can check via MyUMobile app or by dialing *118# from your mobile.
Click here for steps to check :Postpaid / Prepaid

Once your Video-Onz data has been used, further streaming from our streaming partners will be deducted from your rate plan data.

P99 principal enjoys Unlimited Video-Onz. This Video-Onz is not shareable with its Share 20 member lines.

Effective 1st August 2016, Video-Onz data for all other eligible Postpaid plans are not shareable between principal and Share 50/ Share 20 member lines.

No, Video-Onz is not applicable when you are roaming outside of Malaysia. Standard roaming charges apply.

For most partners, Video-Onz covers video streaming from partner’s app, mobile browser* and PC browser. Please refer to the table below for exceptions:

Video Service Phone PC or Laptop
App Browser*
YouTube Yes Yes Yes
HyppTV Yes Not available Yes
Viu Yes Yes Yes
iflix Yes Not available Yes
Youku Yes Yes Yes
Astro on the Go Yes Not available Yes
NJOI Now Yes Not available Yes
dimsum Yes Not available Yes
MOX Yes Not available Yes
tonton Yes Not available Yes
Dailymotion Yes Yes Yes
Viki Yes Yes No
Crunchyroll Yes Not available No
Eros Now Yes Yes Yes
HeroTalkies Yes Yes Yes
YuppTV Yes Not available Yes
Youtube Gaming Yes Yes Yes
Youtube Kids Yes Yes Yes
BFM Yes Yes Yes
The Edge TV Yes Yes Yes
ONFM Yes Yes No
StarLive Yes Yes Yes
Pocketimes Yes Yes Yes
Netflix Yes Not available Yes
Facebook Live Yes Yes Yes
Twitter Yes Yes Yes

* Not available for browsers that perform compression on web pages such as Opera Mini.

You will receive an SMS notification when your Video-Onz data usage reaches 100%