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Policies, Terms & Conditions

WiFi Calling
This voice service using an active WiFi connection (WiFi Calling) is available as an optional service to your Prepaid, Postpaid or Broadband plan and is supplied according to the relevant Terms of Service. You must comply with those Terms of Service including our Fair Usage Policy, Privacy Policy, the terms applicable to the relevant Prepaid, Postpaid or Broadband subscription plan and these additional terms and conditions (collectively, the Terms), all which are available on

  1. Eligibility
  2. All active U Mobile customers with a compatible device can use WiFi Calling. Active means able to make and receive calls.
  3. Setup
    1. To use WiFi Calling, please follow the steps stated on our website. These steps may vary depending on your device model, and may include the download and installation of a mobile app. Once the steps are completed and you are connected to a WiFi network, you may make a call over WiFi (WiFi Call).
    2. Usage of the mobile app (if any) is governed by separate terms and conditions of the app provider.
  4. WiFi Calls
    1. By default, any call you make will be made on our mobile network, unless you have enabled WiFi Calling and you have connected to an active WiFi network, in which case your call will be made on WiFi Calling.
    2. WiFi Calling enables you to make and receive calls even at locations where U Mobile has limited or no network coverage.
  5. WiFi Connection
    1. In order to continue with a WiFi Call, you need to stay connected to a WiFi network.
    2. Once you leave the WiFi network, your calls will be disconnected automatically. In this case you need to redial to make the WiFi Call once you are connected to a WiFi network again.
    3. The quality of the WiFi Call is dependent on the WiFi network that the call is made or received over.
    4. U Mobile does not ensure and disclaim all liability relating to the availability, quality or security of the WiFi network that you connect to. Such connection is subject to separate terms and conditions as may exist between you and the WiFi provider, including the privacy policy of such provider relating to any data that such provider may collect via the WiFi connection. You are responsible for adhering to such terms and conditions.
  6. Charges
    1. Call charges for WiFi Calling follow our standard U Mobile call rates. If your U Mobile plan is bundled with voice minutes, WiFi Calling will utilize those minutes. In the absence of bundled voice minutes, our pay-as-you-use charges apply. These charges are published on our website from time to time.
    2. Your WiFi Calls will be charged based on the following principles:
      1. if the party you called is in Malaysia and on a local network, your WiFi Call will be charged as a domestic call;
      2. if the party you called is also on U Mobile WiFi Calling, your WiFi Call will be charged as domestic call (regardless of the parties’ actual locations); and
      3. if the party you called is not on U Mobile WiFi Calling and is
        1. outside of Malaysia; or
        2. on a foreign network but roaming in Malaysia
          your WiFi Call will be charged as an international call.
    3. WiFi Calls do not utilize any data quota allocated to you under your U Mobile plan. However, you are responsible for data consumption charges over the WiFi network, if any.
  7. Emergency Services Number
    1. Even when you have enabled WiFi Calling, we will try our best to connect any emergency services call that you make (for eg. to 999) through our mobile network (instead of WiFi). This is to ensure that your location can be identified.
    2. In circumstances where the emergency services call is connected through WiFi Calling (in cases where mobile phone network is not available), you understand that your location will not be automatically identified. In this case, your WiFi Call will be routed to Malaysia’s emergency services (regardless of your actual location).
    3. You should use WiFi Calling for emergency services call as a last resort.
  8. Others
    1. In providing WiFi Calling service to you, we will collect information such as the internet protocol (IP) address used for the WiFi Call made by you. Such information will be used by us or our third party service provider for the purpose of providing WiFi Calling service to you, including for billing purpose. Where personal data is collected, it will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
    2. U Mobile may change any of these terms and conditions including terminating or suspending WiFi Calling. Any such change will be announced on our website. It is your responsibility to check these terms and conditions on our website.