Trade-up to a new device

Trade-in your old device and you could enjoy up to RM1,350 off on your next one.

Swap your old phone for awesome rebates on a new device.
Get a brand new device for less!
Choose from a wide selection of smartphones.
First in Malaysia to use Blancco Mobile Software for secure data erasure.

See how much your device is worth

Choose your device from the list to find out how much it's worth. Final trade-in value is subject to your device's condition.

Please Select:

iPhone 6s Plus
Up to RM1,200
iPhone 6s
Up to RM1,200
iPhone 6 Plus
Up to RM850
iPhone 6
Up to RM650
iPhone 5s
Up to RM300
iPhone 5
Up to RM100
iPhone 5c
Up to RM100
Samsung GALAXY Note Edge
Up to RM500
Samsung GALAXY Note 5
Up to RM800
Samsung GALAXY Note 4
Up to RM400
Samsung GALAXY Note 3
Up to RM250
Samsung GALAXY Note 2
Up to RM100
Samsung GALAXY S7 Edge
Up to RM1,200
Samsung GALAXY S6 Edge
Up to RM650
Samsung GALAXY S6
Up to RM450
Samsung GALAXY S5
Up to RM150
Sony Xperia Z5
Up to RM450
Sony Xperia Z3
Up to RM150
Sony Xperia Z2
Up to RM100
HTC One M9 Plus
Up to RM400
HTC One M9
Up to RM250
HTC One M8
Up to RM200
*Price is valid until 30th April 2017.
*Trade-in values are not applicable to GST.
*Terms and conditions apply.

5 simple trade-in requirements

The device can be powered on and powered off.
The device can be charged using any compatible charger.
Functioning display without cracks on screen.
There is no activation lock or screen lock.
Your device IMEI number is retrievable.

Simply bring your device to any U Mobile store and ask to trade-in and our staff will guide you through the process.

No longer have the box or accessories? No worries, we will still accept your device.

Keep your data safe with Blancco

Why is data erasure important?
Restoring factory settings on your mobile device is not enough – your data can still be recovered, putting your personal information at risk.
U Mobile values your privacy
We are the first in Malaysia to safely erase data from your old device when you trade-in. By partnering with blancco, the world’s largest data erasure software company, we ensure that none of you data is recoverable, preventing data theft and protecting your privacy.