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Can I still submit a request for points reimbursement if my U Mobile transaction was not awarded with points?
Yes, you may submit your request for points reimbursement within 6 months from the date of transaction.
What is the U Card rewards programme about?
U Card rewards programme is a loyalty programme that rewards active U Mobile customers who joins the programme. Customers will be able to:
  • Enjoy discounts on merchant deals and Birthday Treats at participating merchants.
  • Redeem points earned for a wide selection of rewards, ranging from U Mobile products & services, festive treats to lucky draw chances.
Who is eligible for the programme?
All active U Mobile customers are eligible for the U Card rewards programme. U Card rewards programme is available to:
  • U Mobile prepaid mobile service subscribers
  • U Mobile postpaid mobile service subscribers
  • U Mobile broadband service subscribers
Do I have to pay a fee for a U CARD membership?
No, there is NO membership fee for U CARD. It’s free for life.
How can I join and get my U Card?
If you have not registered for any U Card, you can register for a virtual U Card via MyUMobile app or walk in to any U Mobile store to register a physical U Card. Virtual U Card works exactly the same as physical U Card.
How do I activate my un-registered U Card?
You may activate your un-registered U Card via MyUMobile app or via if you have an un-registered physical U Card in hand.

MyUMobile app:
  • Download MyUMobile app from Apple AppStore or Google Play Store.
  • Login to MyUMobile app with your U Mobile telephone number and 6-digit Selfcare PIN.
  • Access to U Card Rewards Menu in the app.
  • Select . Enter your 16-digits U Card number and fill up the registration form.
  • You will receive your 6-digit U Card PIN via SMS and email upon successful registration.
  • Log onto
  • Key in the 16 digits BCard number and your U Mobile telephone number
  • You will receive a log-in PIN through SMS
  • Proceed to log in your U Card account with the log-in PIN
How long does the activation process take?
The card is activated immediately after registration at
What happens if I lose my U Card?
You may request for a card replacement by report to BCard call centre at 03-21418080. A new U Card will be sent to your mailing address with points from your previous card transferred to the new U Card.
I forgot my U Card PIN. What should I do?
Please proceed to to request for a new PIN. Alternatively, you can login to MyUMobile app to request your 6-digit U Card PIN when accessing U Card Rewards menu in the app.
The U Card looks like a credit card – is it a credit card?
No. U Card is a privilege card. It is not a credit card, charge card or debit card.