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What is the U Special programme?
U Special is an exclusive loyalty programme that rewards members with exclusive experiences.
Do I need to register for U Special loyalty programme?
This loyalty program is FREE and by invitation only. No registration is needed as you will be enrolled automatically into the programme once you are entitled to.
How do I check if I am a U Special Member?
You can login to self care or MyUMobile app to check your eligibility. We will directly communicate with eligible customers via SMS and or email. For more information and latest updates on members' privileges, visit our website at
Who is eligible to be U Special members?
Membership will be reviewed every half yearly.
Individuals need to be a U Mobile customer, spend over RM50 a month and have a tenure of a minimum of 12 months and above with U Mobile.
How long is the loyalty programme valid?
The loyalty programme is valid for a period of 6 months from the month of enrolment and renewal.
Is my loyalty programme renewed automatically after the expiry date?
Membership renewal is dependent on the member meeting U Special loyalty programme criteria based on tenure and monthly spent. Membership will cease when your account is suspended or terminated or if the membership criteria is not met.
Is there a subscription fee to the loyalty programme?
There is no subscription fee. Membership is free.
What are the benefits of being a U Special member?
Enjoy device protection plan, travel and hospital allowance benefits
  1. Device protection benefits (max 1 claim per activation)
    • Loss or damage to mobile service and SIM card replacement due to snatch theft or robbery.
    • Unauthorized calls charges in the event of theft of mobile phone.
  2. Travel inconvenience benefits (applicable only when travelling by air)
    • Loss of baggage
    • Damage or loss of travel documents due to robbery or theft.
  3. Hospital allowance benefits
    (applicable only during travel period)
    • Pays a daily allowance for each day when you are confined to a registered hospital as an in-patient due to an accident during your trip.
FREE Starbucks Coffee meal at KLIA or KLIA 2 when you travel overseas. Valid for first 1,000 redemption every month.
Indulge in tantalizing dinners and enjoy momentous occasions tailored for you and your loved ones.
Enjoy exclusive travel offers to credit limit increment
Is U Special loyalty programme transferable to my family members and friends?
It is not transferable as this membership privileges are reserved for invited U Mobile customers only.
I have a supplementary line. Will my supplementary line user enjoy the same benefits as I do?
All U Special membership privileges are reserved for invited U Mobile or Principal postpaid line customers only.