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What is Music-Onz?
Music-Onz is a FREE service that lets you enjoy music streaming from the most popular music apps and Internet radio services without using your rate plan data.
Which music service can I listen with, using the FREE Music-Onz data?
The list of partners that you can stream using Music-Onz are:
  • Apple Music
  • Spotify
  • JOOX
  • Tidal
  • Raku
  • BFM 89.9
  • ERA fm
  • MY FM
  • hitz fm
  • MIX fm
  • LiteFM
  • Sinar FM
  • THR Raaga
  • THR Gegar
  • Fly FM
  • Hot FM
  • One FM
  • Kool FM
In the meantime, we are also working to include more partners to provide you with more choices.
How do I get Music-Onz service?
No sign up required. All active postpaid customer will get Music-Onz automatically. Prepaid customer will get Music-Onz automatically upon purchase of UMI or MB with eligible data packages.

To check if you have Music-Onz service, go to MyUMobile app or click here
Does Music-Onz consume my Internet data?
No, it does not. All Music-Onz streaming from our partners will be deducted from a separate data allocation that will is given to you for free when you subscribe to a valid plan.
How much does it cost to use the Music Onz service?
Music-Onz service is offered for free to eligible Prepaid, Postpaid and Broadband customers. Subscription charges for individual partners may apply.
How do I check if I have Music-Onz data usage?
You can check via MyUMobile app. To ensure that you get this feature, do update your app to the latest version. You can download MyUMobile app from the App Store and Google Play.
When does the FREE Unlimited Music-Onz promotion end?
The FREE Unlimited Music-Onz is limited time promo, we'll be making further announcement on promotion end date and what happen next, so stay tuned!
Can I unsubscribe from the Music-Onz service?
As Music-Onz is a free value added service, there is no option or need to unsubscribe.
Is the Music-Onz data shareable between Postpaid principle and Share 10, Share 20 & Share 50 member lines?
No. Music-Onz data is NOT shareable between Principal and Share member lines.
Does Music-Onz cover all premium subscription fee from app, mobile browser and PC browser for all partners?
No. Music-Onz allows free music streaming from partner apps, mobile browsers and PC browsers. However, it does not cover the subscription fee for In-App purchases or Premium access fees from our music partners.