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What is Carrier Billing?
Carrier Billing allows you to charge your purchases with selected partners to your U Mobile post-paid bill or by deducting your prepaid airtime credit. This service is available for selected video streaming service providers. To know more about each of the video streaming service providers, kindly visit their official websites at:

  1. Viu at
  2. Eros Now at
  3. Tonton at
  4. HyppTV Everywhere at
Please refer to this list regularly for updates on the video streaming service providers.
Who can use Carrier Billing?
It is available for all U Mobile post-paid and prepaid customers.
What do I need to start using Carrier Billing?
You will only need an active U Mobile postpaid or prepaid account.
What are the major benefits of paying via Carrier Billing?
It’s convenient and worry-free! By using U Mobile Carrier Billing you can easily pay for your subscriptions through U Mobile billing option, applicable for selected video streaming service providers. You can watch movies, dramas and TV shows on-the-go anytime, anywhere, on multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.
How do I start paying with Carrier Billing for selected partners?
Please refer to our step by step process (Video Carrier Billling).
Can I still pay with Carrier Billing if I have previously used credit card for payment?
Yes you will be able to do so. Please refer to our partners’ websites for more information.
Is my purchase subject to GST?
Yes, all purchases are subject to GST. Please note that pricings shown are excluding GST.