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What are the benefits of using WiFi Calling?
WiFi Calling lets you use your existing U Mobile number to make and receive calls using WiFi connection. Your WiFi hotspot effectively becomes a U Mobile network tower. You can also enjoy huge savings while overseas when calling Malaysian numbers at local call rate (no roaming surcharge).
What do I need to do to set up WiFi Calling on my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge?
Please follow the following steps:
  1. If you are using a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, your are ready to experience WiFi Calling
  2. Activate the service (send “wificalling on” via sms to 28118)
  3. Update your phone firmware (via Settings > About > Software Update)
  4. Enable WiFi Calling on your phone (go to Settings > Wi-Fi Calling > toggle to ON)
  5. Connect to a WiFi network
  6. If WiFi Calling is available, you’ll see the WiFi Calling indicator in the status bar. All calls will then be made using WiFi Calling
Which Android phones currently support WiFi Calling?
It is currently supported on Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. 

We are adding other models & brands regularly. Do visit our website at for the latest information and updates.
Does it work with phone which came from overseas (foreign models)?
This is dependent on the phone manufacturer’s implementation & policy. Some may not provide the firmware support to enable the service if the foreign device is used with Malaysian SIM card.
Who is eligible for WiFi Calling?
All U Mobile subscribers on postpaid and prepaid plans are eligible for WiFi Calling, as long as the rate plan supports “voice call”.
It is not available on “data only” plans (such as Postpaid MB plans).
What are the minimum requirements for the WiFi network?
All you need is a private or public WiFi network that is connected to the Internet. We do recommend either 802.11n or 802.11ac standards as they provide better data quality connection.
Does WiFi Calling require a SIM card in the mobile phone in order to make a call?
Yes, a valid and active U Mobile SIM card is required. If your line is barred, suspended or terminated, you will not be able to make a call. If you have a dual-SIM phone, please insert your U Mobile SIM into Slot 1.
What can I do, if I cannot turn on or use WiFi Calling?
Please try to repeat the steps to set up WiFi Calling. You may also try these steps if it still doesn’t work :
  • Connect to a different WiFi network which has stronger signal. Do note that some “corporate networks” may block WiFi Calls (please see your network administrator for assistance)
  • Turn WiFi Calling off and then on again.
  • Restart your Android smartphone.
What are the benefits of using WiFi Calling?WiFi Calling is not working even though I am connected to a WiFi network. Why?
There are a few reasons:
  • WiFi Calling checks for an adequate Wi-Fi signal strength before initiating the automatic connection to WiFi Calling. Move to an area where the signal strength is stronger.
  • If the WiFi network has a captive portal (Eg. Starbucks which requires login), you may have to launch your browser and sign-on (providing username / password) to the network depending on the Wi-Fi provider's policy.
  • For public WiFi networks, the provider may have policies in place that blocks WiFi Calling service.