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What is App-Onz?
App-Onz is a FREE service for you to stream from the most popular social network channels without using your rate plan data. The partners that you can stream using App-Onz are:-
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
Is there any charge for the service under App-Onz?
No. App-Onz is FREE for eligible prepaid, postpaid & broadband customers. Subscription charges for individual partners may apply, if any.
The free data for App-Onz is a limited time offer.
How do I get App-Onz?
Prepaid customer can change your current plan or get a new prepaid plan to Unlimited Power Prepaid Plan with minimum top up of RM10 to activate App-Onz for FREE.
New and existing Postpaid customers (voice/broadband) will automatically enjoy App-Onz for FREE.

Prepaid Postpaid Postpaid Broadband
Unlimited Power Prepaid Plan U28 MB40
P50 MB68
P70 MB88
P98 MB128
Ultimate Device 60
Ultimate Device 90
Ultimate Device 130
U Platinum
U Premium
Does App-Onz consume from my rate plan data?
No. App-Onz provides you additional data for FREE to stream Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Standard data consumption may apply for any in-app purchase, third party apps and links out of App-Onz’s partners.
How do I check the data usage from App-Onz?
Download or update to the latest version of MyUMobile App from App Store or Google Play to monitor your account and check usage.
How do I subscribe or unsubscribe App-Onz?
No subscription is required. App-Onz is absolutely FREE for eligible prepaid and postpaid customers.
Is App-Onz data shareable between Postpaid principal and member lines?
No. App-Onz data is only available for eligible Postpaid principal plans.
Can I enjoy App-Onz when I’m roaming overseas?
No. App-Onz is not applicable when you are roaming outside of Malaysia. Standard roaming charges apply.