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Will I be charged for the RBT?
The RBT is FREE for the first month and renewal at RM2/RBT/month. Promo valid until 31 October 2014.
How do I redeem the FREE RBT?
Dial *118*5*5# and choose Prepaid Redemption.
How will I know if I have exhausted the onnet and offnet voice quota?
You will receive an SMS notification upon exhaustion of onnet and offnet minutes accordingly.
Can the voice plan be used to make IDD calls?
No. Voice plan minutes is for local calls only
What is the validity of the voice plans?
The voice plans are valid for 30 days from the date of subscription.
If I have Free Calls and I purchase the voice plan, which would be deducted first when I make an onnet call?
The onnet call would be deducted from the voice plan first
If I have an existing UMI plan, which plan would be deducted first for my voice calls?
If you have an existing UMI plan, UMI entitlements will be utilized before deduction from voice plan.
How do I check the voice plan balance?
To check voice plan balance, dial *118*3*6*2#
How do I purchase the voice plans?
To purchase the voice plans, dial *118*3*6*1#
What is V20 and V30 voice plans?
V20 and V30 voice plans consist of onnet and offnet voice minutes. Onnet are calls made within U Mobile network while offnet are calls made to other local operators.