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What are the local call and SMS rates for the Power Prepaid Plan?
Calls are charged at 7 sen/ 30 sec whilst SMS is at 8 sen each.
How do I stay active?
Simply top up your account to stay active. Every RM1 top up is equivalent to 1 day of active period. The maximum active period at any one time is 365 days.
How do I calculate the number of days on which I will enjoy FREE call?
Every RM1 top-up gives you 1 day of FREE calls. If you top up RM10, you will get 10 days of FREE calls from the day you topped-up. The maximum number of FREE calls is capped at 365 days.
How do I subscribe to UMI plans?
You may subscribe via:

Dial *118#, then select <3 Mobile Services >, then select < 1 Unlimited Mobile Internet > , then select the UMI of your choice.

Send the below to 28118 to subscribe to the respective UMI plan:

UMI plan Keyword
UMI 20 ON UMI 20
UMI 25 ON UMI 25
UMI 30 ON UMI 30
UMI 38 ON UMI 38
UMI 50 ON UMI 50
Who is eligible to be on the new Power Prepaid Plan?
All new U Mobile prepaid subscribers effective from 23rd July 2015 onwards will automatically be on this new plan. For subscribers who are on the existing U Prepaid Plan or New U Prepaid plan and wish to upgrade to the new Power Prepaid Plan, you can do so via UMB or SMS starting 5 August 2015.
How do I check the balance of my FREE Internet quota?
Dial *118#, then select < My Account >, then select < My Freebies >
How do I check my FREE calls validity?
Dial *118#, then select < My Account > , then select < My Freebies >
Am I allowed to switch my rate plan during the passive period?
No. Plan switching is only allowed when you are in an active period.
I’m currently a customer of another mobile service provider. Can I port in to U Mobile with a Power Prepaid plan?
Yes. Kindly visit the nearest U Mobile store/dealers or port in online at
What happens to my remaining credit balance (if any) after I have switched to the Power Prepaid plan?
Your credit balance will be carried over after deducting a switching fee of RM3.