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Can I trade-in other phones that are not available in the trade-in phone list?
Kindly refer to for the list of phones that we will accept for trade-in.
What will U Mobile look at during the inspection/screening/validation on condition of the phone?
Before accepting your phone for trade-in, we will need to check whether 
  1. Phone is able to power ON and OFF and able to charge
  2. Phone’s IMEI no. is able to trace
  3. Phone’s screen is functional and no crack
  4. Phone’s activation lock or screen lock is OFF (For e.g. Find my iPhone)
  5. Phone’s casing is not crack and no missing or non-functional button
  6. Phone is not under water/liquid damage condition
Can I still trade-in my phone if it fails the validation check?
U Mobile will not be able to accept the phone which had failed the validation check.
When is the trade-in promotion period?
The trade-in promotion is valid until further notice.
Where can I trade-in my phone?
You can trade-in your phone at any U Mobile Stores and U Mobile Premier Dealer shops.
Do I need to sign up for a device bundle plan when I trade in my phone?
Yes. The trade-in must be accompanied by a purchase of new device with either Postpaid or Prepaid plan.
Do I need to include the phone’s box, charger and accessories?
No. Only the phone, battery and battery cover are required for this trade-in.
What will U Mobile do to the phone once I have sent it for trade-in? How can U Mobile ensure that the information/data in my phone is safe and erased?
Once we have accepted your phone, a data erasure process will be performed on the phone that will delete any data left in your phone through a third-party vendor/software that will ensure your data and information is safe. Data erased is not retrievable at any circumstances for your security consideration. You are responsible to keep your data safe by backing up your data before hand in for trade-in.
Is it possible for me to get back the phone back once I have send in for a trade-in?
No. All trades are final. Phone cannot be returned to you at any time once the phone is traded-in.
Will the estimated/quoted value of the trade-in phone last?
The value of the phone diminishes over time. But rest assured that we will provide you the best trade-in value for your phone. Kindly visit for the most updated trade-in value for your phone.