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Who can sign up for Hero Postpaid Plans?
All Malaysians and foreigners above 18 years of age are eligible. It is available for new registrations, mobile number portability (MNP) port-ins, prepaid to postpaid migrations and change of rate plans.
What is the latest Hero Postpaid Plan?
Hero Postpaid P98 is the latest addition which offers:
  • 30GB data
  • Unlimited calls to all-networks
  • Unlimited Video-Onz streaming
  • Free monthly video subscription promotion.
For more information on Video-Onz, please visit
What is P98 Free Video subscription Promotion?
P98 subscribers are able to enjoy monthly premium access from one of our partners at no additional cost. Please visit for more info. The promotion ends on 31st July 2017.
When can I activate the free video subscription and how do I know if I have activated the subscription?
You can activate the video subscription once you have received an SMS to prompt for your activation. Upon the activation of your P98 plan, the SMS will be sent within 24 hours. You will than receive a confirmation SMS after you have successfully activated the subscription
Do I have to activate the free video subscription every month?
For new users, respective premium subscription will automatically be renewed after 30 days. However, to unsubscribe or change to a different free video subscription, subscribers must perform the changes before the renewal date (between 30 days validity). Changes will only be reflected after the next renewal date.
What is Hero P70 15GB promotion?
This promotion is offered only to Hero P70 plan with an extra 8GB data every month. The promotion ends on 31st December 2017.
Is there a Fair Usage Policy?
Yes. Please visit for more details.
What is Hero Plus Plan?
Hero Plus Plan is a member line that can be tagged to a Principal line. All member lines includes their respective minutes and are able to share principal’s data
How many Hero Plus Plan does U Mobile offers?
We offer Share 20 member line and Share 50 line with the following benefits:

  Share 20 Share 50
Minutes Free 30 min every day to all U Mobile numbers Unlimited calls to all networks
Data - 3GB
(shareable with principal)
Share data with principal Yes Yes
What is shareable data between principal and member lines?
Shareable data is shared amongst all lines (Principal and Member lines) in one single account (Example: P98 with 30GB data + Share 50 with 3GB data = 33GB shareable data for use by all the lines in the account)