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What is the validity for the FREE Internet?
Validity for the FREE Internet are as follows:

Free Internet Packages Validity
Free Internet Upon Activation (200MB) 10 days (Upon starter pack activation)
Free Basic Internet To reset at every 1st day of the month
How do I check my credit balance?
Dial *118# to check your credit balance.
How do I check my FREE calls validity?
You may check via UMB by dialling *118*6*3*1# or MYUMOBILE App -> “Freebies”.
How do I check the balance of my FREE Internet quota?
You may check via UMB by dialling *118*6*3*2# or MYUMOBILE App -> “Freebies”.
Am I allowed to switch my rate plan during passive period?
No. Plan switching is only allowed when you are in an active period.
How to switch plan from Unlimited Power to Power Prepaid plan?
You can switch plan via UMB by dialing *118*6*2*3# or send SMS “MIG POWER” to 28118.
What happens to my remaining credit balance (if any) after I have switched to Unlimited Power plan?
Your remaining credit balance will be carried over after deducting a switching fee of RM3.
I prefer Power Prepaid plan. Can I switch back to my previous prepaid plan from the new Unlimited Power plan?
Yes, you are allowed to switch back to Power Prepaid plan. However, subscribers of Power Prepaid plan can only switch to the Unlimited Power plan.
Upon switching plans, what happens to all my existing promos and subscriptions that I currently enjoy?
All promos and subscriptions will be forfeited upon switching to the new plan.
Can I switch from my existing U Prepaid plan to Unlimited Power plan? Are there any charges?
Yes. Existing U Prepaid, New U Prepaid & Power Prepaid plan subscribers are allowed to switch to Unlimited Power plan. There will be a one-time plan switching fee of RM3.