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How do I deactivate my UMI immediately so that I can purchase other data plans?
Your UMI can be deactivated through USSD Menu Browser at *118# or via SMS (“Off UMI 20”, “Off UMI 30”, “Off UMI 38” or “Off UMI 50”) and send to 28118, each SMS will be charged 5 sen.
Will my subscription be terminated automatically at the end of the 30 days?
No. The Unlimited Mobile Internet plan is an automatically renewable subscription. It is renewed every 30 days (subject to a minimum balance of RM20 Credit for UMI 20, RM30 Credit for UMI 30, RM38 Credit for UMI 38 and RM50 Credit for UMI 50 in your prepaid account).
What is the value included in this bundle?
With UMI 50, you will be given 4GB (unlimited but throttled after 3GB), 50 mins of talk time
With UMI 38, you will be given 2GB (unlimited but throttled after 1GB), 150 mins of talk time & 30 SMS.
With UMI 30, you will be given 2.5GB (unlimited but throttled after 1.5GB), 30 mins of talk time
With UMI 20, you will be given 1.5GB (unlimited but throttled after 500MB), 20 mins of talk time.

These may be utilized for calls to all network, anywhere in Malaysia (except for special numbers, i.e. 1800 numbers).
Can I stop auto renewal for this subscription service?

You may stop the auto renewal through the USSD Menu Browser at *118*3*1*3#.

How would I know if I had exceeded my quota?

You will receive a SMS notification when you have exceeded the allotted quota. Alternatively, you may check your balance by dialing *118*3*1*3#

How do I check my plan's validity?

Please dial *118#, select Unlimited Mobile Internet and choose 'check usage / Semak Baki'.

What happens if I purchase a different UMI bundle?
For cross purchase of another bundle other than the same one, (e.g. If you have an existing UMI 50 but buys UMI 30), there will be no rollover of minutes. Any unused minutes for UMI 50 will be forfeited when UMI 30 is purchased. You will only be entitled to the allocated minutes of the latest Plan purchased.
Are UMI 18, UMI 28, and UMI 48 still available?

No. UMI 18, UMI 28, and UMI48 are not available to purchase anymore.

How do I activate 4G LTE for UMI plans?

Please refer to for more information on 4G LTE.

Are there any changes in the purchase and usage of the new UMI plans?

No. The purchase and the behavior of the new UMI plans are similar to the previous ones.