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How much credit can I transfer/ request and what is validity period for the transfer/ request?
You can transfer/request the following:
  1. RM1 with 1 day validity
  2. RM3 with 3 days validity
  3. RM5 with 5 days validity
  4. RM10 with 7 days validity
What is the minimum and maximum amount of credit that I can transfer per transaction?
The minimum transfer is RM1 and the maximum transfer is RM10.
How much can I transfer in a month?
You can transfer up to RM100 each month.
What is the maximum number of times that I can transfer credit in a day?
You may transfer credit up to 10 times per day.
How do I make a credit transfer or request using CreditShare service?
You can make a credit transfer or request via the following methods:
  1. UMB (dial *118*3*7#)
  2. SMS
  3. MyUMobile App
  4. Self Care
Will I be able to request for credit by sending a request via SMS when my number is not active?
No, but you can do so via UMB, MyUMobile App and Self Care.
Will I be able to use the CreditShare service when I’m outside of Malaysia?
Yes, just dial *118*3*7# to use the service. Alternatively, ensure that you are roaming with our roaming partner and you can subscribe using MyUMobile App or Self Care. Please note that you will be charged if you use SMS to subscribe to CreditShare service while roaming. The charges depend on the roaming country and operator that you have selected. For the full list, please go to
Can I receive credit transfer when my account is in not in active period?
Yes, your account will become active for the number days depending on the amount of credit received. However if you are on Power Prepaid, you will not be able to enjoy the free 1GB high-speed internet service.
Can I receive credit transfer when my account is in active status but I have no credit balance left?
Yes, your account validity period will follow the longest validity. If you receive credit transfer that gives you a greater validity period than your current remaining validity, then the new validity period will start from the date of the transfer and continue for the number of days that your credit transfer gives you. Otherwise, there will be no change in expiry date.

For example, your account is valid until 30 June. You received RM5 credit transfer on 29 June. Your new expiry date is 4 July.
Can I check my CreditShare balance?
Yes, just dial *118*3*7#. You can also check via MyUMobile App and Self Care.