Policies, Terms & Conditions

Postpaid Plan T&C
  1. This Postpaid Plan is available as a bundled service with a device or as a stand-alone service (Service) and is supplied according to the Terms of Service in our Postpaid Sign-Up Form. You must comply with those Terms of Service including our Fair Use Policy, Privacy Policy, the relevant Postpaid subscription plan and these additional terms and conditions (collectively, the Terms) all of which are available on www.u.com.my.
  2. You must pay the Monthly Fee in full even if you do not use the Service to the full value for the month. No part of the Monthly Fee will be carried over to the following months. Any usage exceeding the Monthly Fee will be billed to you on monthly basis. Monthly Fee may also be referred to as “Monthly Commitment Fee”, “Monthly Access Fee” or other names as may be determined by us.
  3. Charges for all other services not listed, such as International Direct Dial (IDD) and International Roaming will not be deducted from the Monthly Fee and must be paid separately. Monthly data (except for P70, P98, i90, i130, UD90 & UD130) and bundled minutes are only applicable for domestic usage and will not be available during Roaming.
  4. We reserve the right to amend or change the tariffs at any time during the Contract Period.
  5. The Service cannot be combined with other package unless stated otherwise.
  6. Contract Period will be applicable when devices are bundled together with the Service. We may impose cancellation charges/fees (including unpaid device price) if you terminate the Services (or we terminate due to your non-compliance) prior to the agreed Contract Period. Contract Period may also be referred as “Minimum Period” or “Minimum Term”.
  7. If you have bought any device or accessories from us or our dealers, all claims relating to those products are covered by the warranty, if any, offered by the relevant manufacturer. We do not provide any warranty claim on the device.
  8. You may subscribe to the Service with your own device but we do not guarantee the performance or suitability of your device to our network.
  9. The Advance Access Fee is charged in advance to your account and will be shown in your first month bill. If you do not pay your bill by the due date, this Advance Access Fee may be used to offset any outstanding charges. Upon set off or deduction, we may also require you to pay a further advance fee in an amount that we determine. Any remaining balance of the advance fee will be refunded to you without interest if you terminate this Postpaid Plan provided all outstanding charges have been settled.
  10. If you are an existing U Mobile prepaid customer and you wish to switch to this Postpaid Plan, you may retain your phone number. Any remaining SMS, voice minutes or data allowance to which you are entitled under the previous prepaid plan will be forfeited and any content subscription services which are part of your previous prepaid plan will be automatically terminated. However, any credit remaining may be carried over to this Postpaid Plan up to a maximum value of RM100 to offset bill payment. Any credit balance exceeding the sum of RM100 will be automatically forfeited.
  11. If you have subscribed to Voice Plus and SMS Plus add on packages, when you change your rate plan, any unused quota from the Voice Plus and SMS Plus will be forfeited without refund. Such Voice Plus and SMS Plus add on packages will be renewed upon the activation of your new rate plan and you will be charged for a refreshed quota.
  12. You may subscribe up to 3 member lines, either “Share 20” or “Share 50”, depending on the plan that you have signed up. For Share 50, upfront payment is required for each Share 50 member line subscribed. If you subscribe up to 3 Share 50 member lines, you are required to sign-up for auto-debit of the monthly charges for the principal and the member lines using your credit card. If you subscribe to Share 50, your credit limit will be increased automatically upon activation of each member line.
  13. All prices stated are exclusive of GST.
  14. Miscellaneous
    Advance Access Fee is the amount which equals to the Monthly Fee.
    Contract Period is the pre-agreed duration for which you are required to subscribe to the Services.
    Monthly Fee is the monthly fee that you are required to pay for your Postpaid Plan and may be used interchangeably with Access Fee or Monthly Access Fee in www.u.com.my or in your bill.
The Schedule A – U28, P38, P48, P70 & P98

  1. Monthly bundled all-net/other network minutes will be pro-rated if subscription is less than a month.
  2. All Postpaid plans including Member Lines with unlimited voice service bundle are subject to our Fair Usage Policy
  3. All voice minutes bundled only apply to domestic mobile/fixed on-net & off-net usage and excludes video calls, IDD, International Roaming, Voicemail (1311) or calls to special numbers/premium numbers (e.g.: 1300 / 1500 / 1508 / 1600 / 1700 / 1900 / 103, 800 & 15999) and 02-prefix numbers for border calls to Singapore and 080-prefix numbers for border calls to Brunei.
  4. All voice minutes bundled shall be used strictly as part of normal everyday mobile voice usage for individual customers and not for commercial use. In amplification of the Fair Usage Policy, the Service shall not be:
    1. re-sold, rented or utilised in any other way;
    2. used for multiple simultaneous calling, conference calling, re-supply, call centre usage, telemarketing, application-to-person communication, continuous calling for extended period of time, auto-dialing, machine-to-machine communication;
    3. used for wholesale or for SIM boxing or aggregate minutes on our network;
    4. used in connection with a device, software or application which re-routes calls;
    5. used to set up switch devices which could keep a line open potentially for hours and limiting the ability for other customers to access our network; or
    6. used for any other activity that U Mobile considers to be non-standard usage.
  5. U Mobile at its sole and absolute discretion reserves the right at any time without being liable to you to suspend or terminate the Service if you are found to be in violation of the Terms.
  6. For P98, you are entitled to a free subscription to one of our Video-Onz partners’ paid subscription service on the following terms:
    1. You can change your subscription from one partner to another at any time but such change will only take effect at the end of the 30-day subscription;
    2. We will prompt you by SMS before the end of each 30-day subscription for selection of partner. You will be automatically re-subscribed to the previous partner’s service unless you select a different partner, in which case you need to deactivate the previous partner’s service;
    3. Your entitlement will expire by 31st July 2017, whether or not you subscribe to any partner’s service;
    4. The list of Video-Onz partners available for this promotion can be found on our website; and
    5. These terms apply in addition to our Video-Onz terms and conditions.
  7. Any add-on services bundled together with the Postpaid plan(s) are governed by separate terms and conditions, which are published on http://www.u.com.my
The Schedule B – UPackage for Android
UPackage for Android is a promotional package consisting of the Service, with an Android Operating System based device to be purchased via a 0% interest instalment payment plan offered by U Mobile. If you subscribe to UPackage for Android, the Terms and these additional terms and conditions will apply. The Postpaid plans offered under UPackage for Android are P70 and P98 (UPackage Plans).

  1. Eligibility
    1. UPackage for Android is available to the following customers:
      1. New customers:
        1. with no outstanding payment shown in their postpaid bill for the past 3 months or more; and
        2. spent minimum RM70 per month on their existing Postpaid lines.
      2. Existing customers:
        1. with no outstanding payment shown in their postpaid bill for the past 3 months or more; and
        2. spent minimum RM70 per month on their existing Postpaid lines.
      3. U Mobile Prepaid customers:
        1. Have switched to U Mobile Postpaid for at least 4 months;
        2. with no outstanding payment shown in their postpaid bill for the past 3 months or more; and
        3. spent minimum RM70 per month on their existing Postpaid lines.
    2. If you are in category (b) and (c) and wish to switch to any of the UPackage Plans, your existing rate plan will be automatically terminated as at the date of our acceptance of your subscription and you are liable for any charges due to the termination of your existing rate plan. You are required to settle any outstanding charges in full under your existing rate plan before you are allowed to opt for UPackage for Android.
    3. Each customer (with one NRIC) will only be entitled to subscribe to one UPackage for Android or one UPackage for iPlans. If you have already subscribed to UPackage for iPlans, then you are not entitled for UPackage for Android. Only Malaysians are eligible to subscribe to UPackage for Android.
  2. Duration
    1. The instalment payment plan is for a period of twenty four (24) months from the date of activation of Service (“Commitment Period”). You will pay 24 consecutive monthly payments (“Monthly Device Fee”) which will appear as a charge on your monthly bill.
  3. Price and Payment
    1. To subscribe to the UPackage for Android, you are required to sign up for auto-debit using your own credit card (third-party credit card is not allowed) to pay for the Monthly Device Fee and the monthly fee for the Service.
    2. By subscribing to UPackage for Android, you will enjoy one (1) unit of Android device at a subsidized price depending on your selection of the device model.
    3. Prices for Android devices which are bundled with the UPackage for Android are set out in http://www.u.com.my/up-android
  4. Termination and Suspension
    1. If you terminate or if we terminate your UPackage for Android due to your default or if you downgrade your UPackage for Android or change to another rate plan before the expiry of the Commitment Period, you are required to pay U Mobile for the outstanding Monthly Device Fees, as determined by U Mobile as set out below.
      Balance charges = UPackage for Android Device price – Total instalment fees paid
      e.g. If you have signed up for Huawei P9 (Selling price is RM1,824) and your monthly device repayment is RM76 and you terminate in Month 7, you are required to pay U Mobile RM1,824 – (RM76 x 8*) = RM1,216.
    2. *In Month 7, you have been billed for 8 instalments.
    3. The outstanding Monthly Device Fees is in addition to any charges payable by you under your account up to the time of termination. You will be furnished with a final bill which is due and payable upon receipt.
    4. You remain liable for the Monthly Device Fee if you lose your device or if your account is barred or suspended for any reason.
  5. Ownership
    1. Title, interest and ownership of the device will pass to you only upon full payment of all Monthly Device Fees.
The Schedule C – Ultimate Device (UD) Plan

  • Even though you have activated the Service for less than the Tenure (12 or 24 months from activation of Service, depending on device), you are allowed to upgrade to another UD plan of higher value. However, downgrading to another UD plan of lower value will result in termination of your current plan.

  • You do not have to make any upfront payment for the UD plan if you fulfill our eligibility requirements.
  • If you terminate or downgrade your current UD plan or change to another rate plan before the Tenure expires, you are required to refund any subsidy which was given when you first registered for the Service. The refund is calculated based on the subsidy divided by the total Tenure period and multiplied by the remaining number of months of the Tenure. The number of months remaining will be deemed to include the month during which you terminated the Service.
For a 24 months contractual period

  • e.g. If you subscribe to Ultimate Device 90 where you are given a subsidy of RM600 and you terminate in Month 7, you are required to refund RM600 / 24 months x 18 = RM 450.
  • If you do not fulfill our eligibility requirements, you are required to make an upfront payment when your application to register is accepted by us.
  • We will give you a monthly rebate over the Tenure period for the subsidy (if any) which was given when you first registered for the Service. If you terminate or downgrade to another Ultimate Device Plan or rate plan before the Tenure expires, your monthly rebates will be forfeited.
  • For upgrades of rate plan:
    • If you have paid UPFRONT PAYMENT for the initial UD plan, the monthly rebate will remain the same
    • Example: UD60 → UD90 (Upgrade)
      • Initial UD plan: UD60
      • Initial monthly rebate: RM15.00
      • New UD plan: UD90
      • Monthly rebate: RM15.00 (carried over from UD60 despite the upgrade)
    • If you have signed up for the initial UD plan with NO UPFRONT PAYMENT, the initial phone subsidy commitment will be carried forward to the new UD plan.
    • Example: UD60 → UD90 (Upgrade)
      • UD60 subsidy : RM360
      • Upon termination of UD90 plan, subsidy which is required for refund will be RM360 (pro-rated upon termination).
Version: 13 April 2017