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SPH Magazines

Lifestyle magazines for the trendy you

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SPH Magazines

SPH Magazines is Asia’s leading magazine publisher. Reputed for its sterling editorial content and award-winning designs, SPH Magazines is widely recognised by many as the publisher of choice in the region. You will find flagship titles such as Female, Her World,
Home & Decor, Women's Weekly and much more!

Only for U Mobile subscribers:
Enjoy 3 Annual Subscriptions on your mobile
Select from 15 renowned titles for only RM90
Top magazines
Harper's Bazaar
Home & Decor
Nuyou 女友
How to subscribe
Step 1
Select your 3 favourite magazines
Step 2
Fill in your personal details. Key in the OTP sent to you via SMS. Accept the T&C and Submit
Step 3
Follow the link to download the SPH mobile app. You will also receive a confirmation SMS
Step 4
You will receive an email from Magzter with your login details for the SPH mobile app
Step 5
Login to the SPH mobile app
Step 6
Start reading your favourite magazines!
Pubu - All You Can Read

Books and magazines from Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Asian countries

31-day FREE trial for first time user
Pubu - All You Can Read

Activate Taiwan’s & ASEAN’s No.1 eBook App - Pubu and gain access to more than 24,000 titles from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and South East Asia! Read your favourite magazines, books, comics and newspapers from these countries!

Enjoy a 31-day free trial when you sign up
Only RM10 per month for unlimited access thereafter
Popular reads
Attack On Titan
Citta Bella
Lonely Planet
How to subscribe to Pubu
Step 1
Turn off WiFi. Launch Pubu. Tap on Sign Up Now.
Step 2
Key in the 6-digit PIN received via SMS.
Step 3
Enter a username and password. Tap on Confirm.
Step 4
Enjoy 31-day unlimited access to Pubu!

Revision materials for UPSR, PT3 and SPM

Sign up to start your revision here

FullAMark is an interactive education portal designed to ease the process of learning at home. It is catered to students under the UPSR, PT3 and SPM syllabus. Exercises and revision questions are based on the newest examination format focusing on Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) and assessment set by the Malaysian Examination Board.

Sign up for an account and start your revision today!
You will need to sign up an account in the website before accessing the app

Exercises and revision questions for UPSR, PT3 and SPM

Questions focusing on Higher Order Thinking Skills

educational content with experienced eTutors

How to Purchase in FullAMark
Step 1
Visit and click on signup
Step 2
Fill in your details and click submit or register via Facebook
Step 3
Login to your account and click on Micro Purchase
Step 4
Select your preferred subject (minimum 1 subject)
Step 5
Key in the code sent to you via SMS
Step 6
Go to My Subjects and click on the subject purchased
Step 7
Begin your revisions now!

Unlimited access to more than 1000 Malay novels

30-day FREE trial for U Mobile users only!

NovelPlus, the leading social Malay novel streaming service, offers you unlimited access to a wide selection of popular Malay novels from romance, horror, mystery, crime and other genres.NovelPlus empowers you to search, discover, interact and read as much as you want, wherever you are.

Exclusive to U Mobile customers
Enjoy 30-day FREE access to Ultimate Novel Pass in your first month
Popular reads
Cinta Rimau
Rempah Ratus Cinta
Ceritera Cinta
Hanya 7 Hari
Hatinya Perasaanku
How to subscribe to Ultimate Novel Pass
Step 1
Launch NovelPlus mobile app.
(Please TURN OFF WiFi network)
Step 2
Click on Start Reading Now
Step 3
Insert the verification code sent via SMS. Click 'Next'.
Step 4
A SMS confirmation will be sent for successful subscription.
Step 5
Enjoy unlimited access to all the novels!
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